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All grants from the endowment are to be strictly used for the benefit of Royal Ambassadors (RAs) initially in the state of Florida only; and eventually may be used to support RA programs in other states and even outside of the U.S. All grants will be approved by the Women's Missions & Ministries (WMM) Department of the Florida Baptist Convention; or any successor organization charged with the responsibility of RAs.

Grants may be made only to churches, institutions and individuals with the highest ethical integrity and conduct. FL WMM will take great care in determining that the grant recipient(s) will be above reproach and respectful of others.

Grants may be used for any of the following:

The basic resources to start
Royal Ambassador® Chapters are:
  • RA World
  • RA Leaeder
  • RA Leader Resource Kit
  • WMU Guide for Royal Ambassador Leaders

Some of the ways the the endowment will support the
Royal Ambassadors are:
  • Travel and lodging expenses for RA leaders to attend
    Associational, State or National training conferences
  • RA materials for new and existing programs
  • Training for churches trying to start
    or expand RA programs
  • Promotional materials and RA Resource Kits
    for churches without RAs
  • To finance State, Associational or Church-wide
    RA events or training conferences
  • To assist with costs of RA Camps, including
    scholarships for RAs or leaders
  • Materials for RA Leaders to assist with
    leadership training and development
  • Financial support for a formerRA (student or leader)
    called to the mission field (domestic or international).

The Endowment exists to assist with the training of RA leaders and to help young boys attend RA camps through scholarships and other financial incentives. Initially, the endowment will be for the benefit of RA efforts in Florida; however, once the total value of the endowment reaches $100,000, a portion of the annual grant may be used to support RA efforts outside of Florida. Any use of the annual grant for RA efforts outside of Florida will be determined by FL WMM in consultation with National WMU in order to effectively assist other state and national RA efforts. If you would like to support this endowment, you may send gifts to WMU Foundation, RA Endowment, 100 Missionary Ridge, Birmingham, AL 35242

Royal Ambassador Endowment Review Committee

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