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A Devotion to Think About

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A Devotion to Think About

These devotions cover the issues of the day, doubts, fears, comfort, and other things the Christian may come across. It may not answer all of our questions or cure the common problem, but it may assure and ease the pain a little. The most important thing after you read the devotion, you will be more assured and comforted knowing Jesus was in the devotion using it to help you.

Title: "Where Fear Resides"
Why Jesus?

Doubts are a good sign that something isn't right. When we realize we don't know if we are barefoot or on horseback, or nothing is going right, we can come to the conclusion that something has got to change.

Usually, it's a spiritual thing. Do I really know what's going to me when I die? Or, I remember asking Jesus to save me. But did it really happen? In order to settle these two questions click on the link on the left and find out.

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