Attachment A
Guidelines for annual grants

All grants from the endowment are to be strictly used for the benefit of Royal Ambassadors (RAs) initially in the state of Florida only; and eventually may be used to support RA programs in other states and even outside of the U.S. All grants will be approved by the Women’s Missions & Ministries (WMM) Department of the Florida Baptist Convention; or any successor organization charged with the responsibility of RAs.

Grants may be made only to churches, institutions and individuals with the highest ethical integrity and conduct. FL WMM will take great care in determining that the grant recipient(s) will be above reproach and respectful of others.

Grants may be used for any of the following:

All grant recipients will be expected to provide a written report within twelve (12) months of receipt of the grant. Such reports will be maintained by the WMU Foundation. The FL WMM leadership, in conjunction with the WMU Foundation, will make sure the guidelines are met by each grant recipient. Any questions regarding the guidelines or the appropriateness of any grant recipient, will be handled jointly by FL WMM and the WMU Foundation in order to coordinate a consistent and cohesive application of the guidelines.

Changes and clarifications can be made to these guidelines from time to time without requiring an amendment to the RA Endowment Agreement.

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