Bits and Pieces of Camp

The Trailer

Each year there is a new breed of staff that comes in to help run the camp. There was a new staffer that was as brand new to summer camp as you can get. He didn't know how camp staff can pull off the unexpected. The new staffer was going to spend the night in the trailer that was parked in the woods where the campers always did campcraft and a good nature walk.

It was getting late and the new staffer decided it was time to "Turn-in" for the night. After a couple of hours later, [about Mid-night] the rest of the staff went out to the woods to the small trailer where the new staffer was sleeping and turned the trailer around in the opposite direction to see what would happen. The next morning when the new staffer got up and was unaware of what had happened during the night. Leaving the trailer, he went in the opposite direction. He headed for the deep of the woods. After realizing he was going in the wrong direction, he found himself in unfamiliar surroundings.

Oh, he wasn't totally lost in the woods. He followed the dirt road leading back to camp and was a little late for the morning staff meeting.

My Dad Will Like This

There was new staffer that didn't know anything about the woods and it was his first time being at camp. The factor on him being pranked was extremely high. The staff was talking about going "Snipe Hunting" after 11:00pm on Saturday when the first week of camp was over. The staff invited the new staffer to go with him. So, that Saturday night, they took the new staffer snipe hunting. Most of the staffers were out in the woods with the new staffer showing him how to hunt for snipes for a long time.

All of the staff and the new staffer came back with no snipes. You couldn't tell the staff was in the woods judging by their appearance. On the other hand, the new staffer was scrapped up and muddy. When the new staffer was asked what he thought of snipe hunting he said, "That was great. Let's do it again. I can't wait to get home from camp and show my dad how to Snipe Hunt. My dad will like this."

The New Plant

Andy and I lead some nature hikes together to teach the boys about nature. To make it fun, Andy and I would pull a few pranks. One of the pranks that we pulled off involved nature with a six-inch sewer pipe and a gate valve attached to it.

We took the boys on the usual nature trail and showed them the quite a few different plants and some of the trails of the wild life made. Half way through the nature hike Andy told them there was a new plant he and I found when we were walking the trail before camp started. The boys were getting "hyped" to see this new plant. When we got to the halfway point, the boys asked what the plant was called. Andy told them it was called the "Sewer Plant". The boys started looking vigorously all over the nature trail for this new discovered plant. I walked ahead of the group of the boys about twenty feet and saw it. "It's down here!" I yelled and exclaimed. I motioned to the boys to come.

The group came running at full bore. As soon as they got there, you could here the boys getting their breath. Andy, bringing up the rear, was the last one there. He asked, "Did you find the Sewer Plant?" I pointed down to the six-inch pipe with the gate valve attached to it and said, "There it is!"

A couple of the boys said with the conviction of being had, "Oh, man!" Andy replied with a smile, "Gotcha!" The rest of the group realized they got caught in Andy's and my gag and rolled their eyes.


One year we had all new staff. The staff was high school age and it was their first time at Lake Yale. Andy and I were supposed to show them the nature trail to get them familiar with it so they could take the campers on it on their own.

The camp director added a twist to the nature walk. He wanted Andy and me to take the old B-B Rifles that were jammed and ready to be thrown out and have the new staffers shoot the wild life posters on the nature trail for fun. Andy and I experimented with the new high school staff and took them on the nature trail like we would with the campers. (This was a mock nature hike.)

Andy and I got the staff on the nature trail and started shooting the guns at the target on the nature trail. One of the staff couldn't find the targets and started shooting in the woods to "Saving Face". I saw this staffer shooting in the woods and asked him, "What are you shooting?" He replied, "Nothing".

Little Gator, Big Nose

The staff was pulling jokes on each other all week long and the camp director wanted to put a stop to it.

Buy the end of the week some of the staff found a two-year-old gator, a little over two feet long, put it in a small cooler for safekeeping. The camp director saw some of the staff around the cooler the gator was in. He went up to the staff and asked what was going on. They told him there was a little gator in the cooler. The camp director, being suspicious, didn't believe them because of the pranks and jokes the staff did to each other earlier in the week.

With disbelief, the camp director squatted down and opened the cooler to look in to see what was in there. To the surprise of the camp director, as soon as he opened the cooler, the little gator jumped at him and about bit him in the nose.

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