The Penny Store

Andy and I were getting hungry and it would to be a while before dinner was to be served in the cafeteria. Both of us had a craving for junk food so we got in Andy's Toyota pickup and headed for the convenience store north of town. At the convenience store and Andy decided he was going to pay for the junk food we would buy. So, we went down the aisles picking out the junk food we were craving for. When the short buying spree was over, we went up to the check-out counter so Andy could pay the bill.

The "lady" cashier rang up the junk food we had placed on the counter and told Andy the total. (It was about $6.50.) He reached into the in pocket of his blue jeans with his great big burley hand and pulled out a large amount of change to pay the cashier. There wasn't many quarters, but there was plenty of pennies, nickels, and dimes. Then, Andy started counting the assortment of change and did not include the quarters in his count. It took a few minutes to count the correct change. After he finished counting the change he put what was left over back in the pocket of his blue jeans with the right hand. With his left hand, he slammed the change down on the counter. When he slammed the change on the counter, it made a loud noise that echoed throughout the store. At the same that happened, I looked at the cashier and saw a surprised look on her face like I had never seen on anyone before.

I wasn't sure if she was startled by the change being slammed on the counter or if she was overcome by shock from the amount of change used buying offered to pay for the junk food. The witty person that I am seized the moment and ran with it. I looked at the lady cashier and said, "He does that all the time. He insists on paying the tab with change and not using dollar bills." The lady cashier looked at us and was not sure how to take Andy or me. As convincing as I could be, I pointed to Andy's Toyota pickup parked outside the store and said to her, "See that Toyota pickup? How do you think he paid for it?" Andy saw what that moment was leading up to and said to the lady cashier "I paid the dealership for that truck with bank bags filled with change. He did not have to say anymore to convince her.

The lady took what he said to be true. In other words, she took him "Hook, line, and sinker".

After the junk food was paid for with the change Andy had, he and I went out of the convenience store with the food in our possession like nothing had happened. We got in the Toyota pickup and paused for a brief moment of silence. We realized at that moment what had happened. He looked at me and I looked at him at the same time and smiled. We smiled again. Then we couldn't hold it anymore and busted out laughing. Andy started his pickup and both of us reminisced about our partnership of foolishness all the way back to camp.

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