Scoring Your Target

The targets used for RA Archery have ten concentric circles as illustrated below. The score of each arrow depends upon where it lands on the target. The highest score, a ten, is achieved by shooting an arrow into the two inner most circles. The center or bullseye ring is also scored as a ten and is typically used to break scoring ties. Scores go down from nine for the next circle out to one for the outermost circle. Missing the rings on the target results in a score of zero for that arrow. Scores are tallied at the end of each round or volley of arrows.

Tip for removing arrows from targets:

When removing your arrows from the targets after they have been scored, if the fletchings (feathers) are free and clear of the target firmly grasp the shaft of the arrow with one hand and hold the target with the other and pull the arrow straight back. If the fletchings (feathers) have gone into the target face, do not pull the arrow out from the front of the target. Find were the arrow has gone through the target and pull the arrow the rest of way trhough the target.

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