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Ah So You Rodeo
Horse Shoes Stand Off
Human Spring Stand Off (#2)
Ah Ah Ooh Ooh
Gutchy Gutchy Bird
Hog Call
The Sea The Fox And The Squirrel

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Ah So You

Have the boys form a circle large enough for all to be included. "Ah" is an open right hand below the chin (palm down). The fingers should be pointing towards the person on your left. "So" is an open left hand above the head. The fingers on this hand should be pointing to person on your right. "You" is pointing to another person anywhere in the circle. The leader picks a starting point and begins "Ah", "So", "You". The starting point person , "Ah", places his right hand under his chin. His fingers point to the next person who gets, "So", who should be then pointing back at the starting person who finallly responds to "You" by pointing to a different person anywhere in the circle. The leader continues calling out "Ah, So, You" until someone messes up on of the hand gestures. That person is then out of the circle but is then a heckler. The heckler can move around behind the circle trying to distract the rest of the game without touching anybody. The leader then starts the game back up again until another is "out" and becomes a heckler. You can use the game and experience to draw attention to being in the "In crowd" versus being "Excluded" and how that feels. Draw any other applicable spiritual application you can from the results of the game.

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Line the boys up and roll a hula hoop using a backspin across the room or open area. Have the boys take turns trying to dive through the hoops without knocking the hoops down.
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Horse Shoes

Two people stand several feet apart as the horseshoe stakes. Play horeshoes by tossing the hula hoops. Make it interesting by movign the "stakes" farther apart after each round of play.
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Stand Off

Stand facing a partner about the same height and arm's length apart. Each person feet must be together. Try to make the other person step by pushing or not resisting each others hands.
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Human Spring

The is a cooperative game that has equal height partners standing four to five feet apart with feet about should width apart. Place palms together with the partner so that both are leaning in an supporting each other like an "A". On the count of 3, try to spring (or push) off of each other so that both people are standing straight up without moving their feet.
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Stand Off #2

This is a variation of Human Spring using the same partners. Have the partnered people stand facing each other about arm's length apart. Stand with feet together. The object is to make the other person take a step by pushing or not resisting each other's hands. Use either of these games to make the illustration of working together or against each other.

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Ah Ah Ooh Ooh Gutchy Gutchy Bird

Take a #10 can and punch holes in it to hang the can open side up. Hang the can from a tree limb in a clear area. The height of the can should be about 1¾ times the average height of the group. If your boys are about 5 feet tall, the can should be hung about 8½ feet off the ground. You will need a golf ball or small rock to serve as the egg. The egg is to be placed on the ground under the nest (can). The starting area is a short distance away from the nest. Tell your group that the bird is greatly endangered and the egg that has fallen out of the nest must be returned to the nest. Once the group leaves the starting point they may not make any sound. The group must stack people high enough to reach the egg into the bottom of the can and not make any sound. Any noise might dismay and alarm the Ah Ah Ooh Ooh Gutchy Gutchy Bird. If they make any noise they must start over.

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Hog Call

This game uses teams of two and is used to develop individual relationships. Each person will need a blindfold. Each team must have its own double name. Examples of double names are "peanut butter", "blue jay" etc. One member of each team will take half of the double name are his or her code. Make sure at this point no one has the same code name. Split the teams up so that their respective partners are on the other side of a large area such as a field or gym sized room. Upon being given the "Go" signal, the teams must find their way to their partners by calling out the others code name. As the leader, your job is to observe the reaction of partners as they stuggle to find each other and then when they do find each other. Receptions usually are joyous and full of triumph. Debreif this activity, allowing players to share feeleing felt while blind – insecurity, confusion, relief, belonging, etc.

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The Sea

Four groups are formed with each groups being given a name of a fish and a corner goal. One oerson is chosen to be the center. This person is called "The Sea" and he will call out of one of the groups, "Follow Me". The group is to follow wherever th sea goes. If the sea turns and says, "the sea is troubled" he will chase the fish to their corner goal. Any fish tagged become a part of the sea. They line up behind the center and help chase the next group. When time is called, the group having the largestnumber of fish left is the winner.

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The Fox and the Squirrel

This is a type of tag game. the game is set up by dividing the kids intogroups of three's with two extra people designated as the Fox and Squirrel. The groups of three then spread out with two people of the groups joing hands to form a tree (arch). The third person then gets inside the tree.

The game is started by the Fox chasing the Squirrel who may seek refuge only by running into the tree and making the other person run out and becoming the Squirrel. If it is a large group and the action needs to be speeded up, you may have to have several squirrels and foxes.

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